Mentoring is a series of confidential and structured conversations that focus on developing capability by working with the mentee’s goals to help the menthe realise their potential. Mentoring and coaching share many skills but while coaching is often a shorter term contractual relationship with and external individual who is trained and certified, mentoring tends to be conducted over a longer period of time with someone who has a shared interest or background with the mentee. The mentor and menthe may work in the same field, share a similar background or work for the same organisation. Mentoring has been shown not only to help create a more inclusive environment within a team but can also help with the recruitment and on boarding process, supports individuals on their personal development journey, helps to motivate people during times of change and can also aid in communicating the team’s strategy, vision and values.

Ad hoc mentoring often happens within organisations and as organisations become more aware of the benefits of mentoring they are setting up more formal in house mentoring programmes.

Little Springtime has over four years experience of supporting organisations to set up in house mentoring programmes. Little Springtime can manage the launch of an in house mentoring programme through: engagement of target audience ( 30 – 120 people) ;pairing of mentoring pairs; facilitating “Introduction to Mentoring” sessions for both Mentors and Mentees and follow up skills building sessions to maintain momentum.

Strategy, vision and values

In House Mentoring