Little Springtime Journey

Many people have asked about the name and logo of Little Springtime… there is a story.

Over two decades ago I was working in South Africa on a University of Natal outreach programme supporting teachers in township schools around Durban. I would take off at weekends to the Drakensberg Mountains to walk and relax and I would stay at a retreat centre called Little Springtime. When I arrived at this sacred place my shoulders would drop by 2 inches and I would breathe in what felt like sweet fresh air and my lungs would expand and my mind would quieten. While there I had such deep insights about myself and the world around me that it changed the course of my life.

I decided then that I would one day own my own company called Little Springtime and I would do work that would allow people to stop, slow down a little, reflect and focus on what is important. The coach and the team facilitator was born.

15 years later , after an MBA and a decade in the energy sector, I set up my company Little Springtime and I am talking to a designer about a logo and I am trying to sketch out a Rondavel – a small round earthen hut with a thatched roof. The type of dwelling I stayed in while at Little Springtime. He is showing me pictures of small twee houses which isn’t working and as I draw my idea out on paper we notice it resembles an Asian character.

Having spent the 4 years working in the energy sector in China and Taiwan it seemed serendipitous to incorporate this aspect of my experience into the company identity. The character “Character” in Chinese means among other things to introduce and in Japanese it is the root of the word to mediate. And so “Little-Springtime-Web-Logo




” it is.
The character in Chinese means to introduce, in Japanese it means mediate.